Thursday, August 28, 2008

Football Predictions 2008

Pay no attention to the little old lady coaching the team and never mind the final score, this is the best representation I've seen of the Carolina intro short of being there. But you really got to be there.

Predictions for the coming year:

Brookland-Cayce Fighting Bearcats: The computer says 2-8. They can go 5-5 if the new coach can find a quarterback. They can go 1-9 if the kids continue not to care about football.

East Carolina Pirates: The computer says 8-4. I say they can go 10-2 if they can pull off an upset in their tough non-conference schedule and win whatever game they have to play 8000 miles away in the huge Conference USA.

South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks: Computer says 7-5. They could win nine if the defense is better than hoped and the quarterback play is solid. They could win six if they end up playing five QBs.

Clemson Tigers: The computer says 10-2. They can go undefeated barring injury and if the Coaches don't try to coach too much. They can go 8-4 if opposing teams watch film and realize that 98% of the offensive plays are bubble screens.

South Carolina State Bulldogs: Computer says 10 wins and 1-AA playoffs. On the spot.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Computer says 0-12. If Roy Williams lets those guys stop mowing his lawn at his palatial estate every Saturday, they might win one or two.

University of Michigan: Computer says 8-4. They can win six if the Michigan fans refuse to realize they got one of the best coaches in the Country.

Georgia Bulldogs: Computer says 12-0 but the Computer always says 12-0 for Georgia, the most over-rated good team every year. They can go 9-3 with a brutal schedule. It might be enough to win the East.

At least I'll be able to see most of these games on TV, unlike those of my across the ocean team.

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