Monday, May 26, 2008

You think gas prices are rising fast? A coffee and cinnamon roll that cost $3.19 last week cost me $23.19 today.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2

The story didn’t make sense. First off, a car battery usually doesn’t die in the middle of the parking lot. If you had said you stepped in to get a cup of coffee and left your headlights on by mistake, I would have bought it. It was an older car and I would have believed you had an old, worn out battery in there that could go dead in thirty minutes. Then you said you think you left the interior light on last night in the motel parking lot. Really? How did you get the car to the Atlanta Bread Company then, two miles away? It is mostly downhill I reckon. A little help with a push could have got you started. To top it off, you told me someone not only siphoned all your gas last night, they also had the audacity to run off with your fuel cap. That is bad luck there. I agree with you that the motel is not the nicest but that it is a shame such a thing could happen. I was also sorry to hear your Mom was in the Heart Center at Richland Memorial. Strange that you are staying in a room over here when there are lots of options right by that facility. I figured you just booked a room by the first hospital you saw, thinking it was Richland as you are from out of town and all. I am sure it is a little inconvenient driving all the way across town to visit her. If only she had the foresight to be in Lexington Medical Center, you would be a lot closer to her. Oh well, Richland is the place to be if you are a heart patient if all the radio spots and billboards are right. Besides, the Gov shot down the plan for Lexington’s certification as a heart center so I guess he has to bear some part of the blame for your predicament. It was also sad to hear you had to be in Rock Hill this afternoon and that you were down to your last nine dollars. Gas, expensive? You sure are right Sister. It cost me plenty to get to Table Rock this weekend and back. It is amazing how much you an learn of a person in the short time it takes to jump their vehicle. I am no mechanical genius so it probably takes me about thirty seconds longer to do so than one who does it every day. Thank you for sharing with me. Here’s a twenty. Three years ago, it would have been a five, but gas is high now. You may be so soon, but I hope there was some truth to your tale. I don’t mind playing the fool. I just don’t want to be a complete one.


muhctim said...

Sometimes it helps me to remember that the good deed is done for the "dewer", not necesarily the "dewee." Now, a real good deed woulda been if you had served up some of those shrimp and grits you got pictured in the last post to go along with the jump and the cash. . .

lightning36 said...

It sucks when you wonder if your good deed is just being abused.

But hey -- the person might have been really be needing a lift and you might have provided it. Always best to look at it that way.

To whom much has been given, much is expected.