Friday, May 16, 2008

We Are All Forgiven

Since I've been gone . . .
-Went to Darlington. Saw a bunch of cars go around an almost oval. David Pearson would have stopped Busch from getting to the front.
-I've had dreams involving three bloggers. Just a bunch of yapping going on.
-Been to G-Vegas three times but haven't been able to hook up with anybody in that crowd for awhile. At this rate, they will all be gone before I get the chance.
-I've been absolutely worthless as an online poker player. I'm still digging the Wednesday night live game but the UIGEAWKBTY has finally gotten me down. I am actually contemplating playing out the string and then finding something else to do five nights a week.
-Planted tomatoes in all shapes and sizes. It's hard to find full sun in my neck of the woods.
-Made scant progress to deciding what I want to do when I grow up.
-Decided Chipper is HOF material and hoping he will have the best season of anyone since 1941 (non-juiced). LAAARRRYYYYY ROOOOOOCCCCCKKKSSSS!
-Decided I need someone to filter the news I get. If I see one more item about someone hurting their infant children, I may drive to the jail myself.
-Don't have any idea what is going on in your world. Your writing just reminds me how slack I am. Did you move to Vegas? How's your love life? Gambling much? Vacation plans? Mom and Dad O.K.? That brother of yours get straightened out yet? How's the job?

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muhctim said...

Glad to see you are back among the posters. I have a shirt headed your way from the Isleta Casino when I get back to home. Sandia was everything your friend said it was. I am working on a post about it.
I also posted something that was in a small way in response to your comment about kids being hurt by adults.