Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Game Recap-MATH Pre-Cap

I have had a bit of success in the Big Game since its inceptions. I split a first somewhere along the way and have cashed in it about fifty percent of the time. Due to its high buy-in in relation to the other blogger events, I felt it would be my best chance of getting a TOC seat sewn up early. While I have won my share of blogger events, I did not win an event in BBT 1 or 2. I made a number of final tables and ended up positive in the cash column but missed out on the big prizes. As we all know now though, 105 players signed up for the Big Game last night and played much tighter than usual (at least for a little bit) until some non-blogger made off with the top spot. Now, I don't begrudge the participation of non-bloggers in these events. I still think back fondly to early 2004, when I knocked Bad Blood out of a blogger tourney as a reader. Plus, without the almost open participation, the prizes at BBT 3 might just be the regular money spots and a cheese steak. I do wonder what the turnout will be tonight though. Could we hit 200 in the MATH? I think it is possible. For the Mookie and Riverchasers, I think it is going to happen. I should have locked down that seat last night.

Don't come play the MATH. It's bad for you.

I have won two of the last three weeks. Per that schedule, I will be out early this week but back on top the next. If I do win, I will bounty myself for the duration of the BBT 3.

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