Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Should Play the Player, But Only if You Know the Player

So, in the MATH, I played extremely well for about 20 minutes. In a few hands with a player I have seen play many hands, I was able to pick up some chips by picking off two apparent steal attempts. So, there I was cruising along with 1000 extra chips for doing nothing other than paying attention the last few years and I get involved in the same type of hand with another player, whom I know almost nothing of. Based on their similarities to the other player, I assigned some values I should not have assigned and paid for to the tune of 2/3 of my stack. I actually had a good hand when it started but it was soon clear I was way behind. I checked a scary flop and then raised their bet. I dumbly raised too much though and was unable to fold to the all-in that ensued even though I knew I was drawing to two outs for a set or looking for a runner-runner straight. No help came and I was stuck. When you don't know the player, you have to default back to your basic play. If so, I would have had no problem playing that hand. As it was though, I thought I was being smart and it ended up making me look stupid. I hung around for a while and finally got into a spot where I was going to double back up to my starting stack when Bayne intervened. Is there anyone else that would like to knock me out of a tournament? It certainly does not appear so. When the bounties resume, I am just going to send him one right away and then cut him off from any further reward. That's right pal, no more bacon and grits for you. Congrats to whoever won. I went to bed.

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