Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I love that word but hate the action. The holidays were great but there were three news stories that caused me great pain. I need to avoid the internet.

I had more fun last night at a poker game than I have had in a long time. Of course, I didn't win a dime but we were able to get our regular group back together after a few months of multiple absences. At some point, the realization set in that other people don't have the same affection for poker as I do. Nothing wrong with that. We all have our addictions to choose.

Al has his 2008 planner up. It's a great primer for us all. I plan on hitting G-Vegas, Charlotte, Vegas, and the Bash. I am currently planning a golf/poker weekend in Myrtle Beach for Master's weekend. Let me know if anyone is interested in swinging some clubs, gambling on the boat, and drinking until sunup.

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