Friday, December 28, 2007

Bring the Hate in 08

Dear Mr. Hoy(azo),

I somewhat disagree with the way you played a hand a few months ago in a tournament which I observed. I feel your play lacked a certain suaveness that characterizes the play of a truly great player. As you do seem to perform well at times in poker, I can only assume this was a one time occurence but it was so egregrious I feel it must be brought out. It has taken me these many months to properly formulate the words to express my mild dismay at your clearly sub-optimal play. Mild dismay seems to cover it though.

I would be remiss to fail to include the proper course of action should you find yourself in the same position in the future. I will not bore you or your readers with the details as I am sure the 12,000 words you wrote of the play in your online journal are still fresh in your mind and those of your many readers. Suffice to say that, if you do find yourself in that position again, you should raise three and one-half times the large blind and certainly not repeat your course of action of only raising the large blind three times its amount. I fear these words may sting and I am willing to accept that consequence. Just as a gentleman should never tilt, he should also never fear to "lay down some smack talk" as it is described in the popular vernacular. I hope you take this criticism in the vein it was intended and I look forward to following your continued play as you incorporate this advice to reach new heights in your game.

Very Truly Yours,

If I don't make the Top 5 next year, it's rigged.


RaisingCayne said...

Nice BP... good luck with making the list next year. But methinks you might need to get a bit more terse with your comments!

Happy New Year!

lightning36 said...

he he