Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Board: Ad 6d Td

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 42.636% 42.64% 00.00% 385 0.00 { KdQc }
Hand 1: 43.854% 43.85% 00.00% 396 0.00 { Ah9d }
Hand 2: 13.511% 13.51% 00.00% 122 0.00 { Th8d }

I was the KQ and had to call the all-in raise from ScottMc who was extremely short stacked in the cutoff. LJ (I think) called from the Button and the SB folded. I felt I had absolutely no fold equity there with a push so I called a third of my stack getting over 4:1. LJ could have been calling with almost anything and I didn't have enough to give her bad odds with almost ATC. The flop gave me what I thought were 12 outs twice so I pushed AI hoping LJ had missed the Ace. No such luck and they both turned over a diamond, killing two of my outs but still leaving me in a good position. No diamond or J was in the cards though and I was out. I guess the bounty goes to LJ who had me covered. Scott actually won the main pot but I had twice as many chips as he did.

I re-bought once and added on at the break and got nothing for my efforts but a non-compensatory final table appearance. I gotta write that contract better.

So, is it to be meats or sweets?

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