Monday, August 20, 2007

HORSE Shenanagins and how I wish I could have partaken in a stein of wine but Greenville County loves to set up checkpoints

Playing 3/6 on PS, I was dealt 3457, all clubs, and a king, I threw the king and drew a 6 of clubs. Bingo! Oh yeah, it was 2-7 triple draw. That sucks.

Playing in G-Vegas on Saturday, I lost four hands that destroyed any hope of profit. We played for five hours and I lost one-half a buy-in, which was well worth it for the company and the game. Blood actually got a group together to play HORSE at a reasonable limit. Unfortunately, it was too high to draw in the truly inexperienced and too low to attract the rich degenerates. Middle class in the house. Seven stud is not my best game. Still at a basic level of thinking, I gave G-Rob two big pots with my two pair being below his. Recognition of hands is not my strong suit in that game, yet. In Stud H/L, I thought I had the bottom sewn up in a hand with two highs calling my bets only to see my 76 lose to 75. I think that was a seventh street beat, but I can’t be sure. Finally, in Stud H/L, I was dealt 234 and raised. I was dealt a five and bet. I bricked on fifth but everyone was still in so I bet. Acting to my left, Blood raised with his JT9 showing. Well, shit. Everyone folded and I called, hoping to hit my low and straight and see him turn over a busted draw. Brick, call. Brick, fold. Other than that, I sat and had fun and participated on the prop bets on the music. I am sure I am the only person to ever answer a question on Jeopardy! where Cinderella was the answer (the band, not the slipper lass) and they paid off for me again on the Arena Rock station. Blood made the call of the night though, predicting Little Guitars as the next song in a Van Halen twofer.

The defending MATH champ should be in tonight. Who’s that you ask? Why, it’s me of course, didn’t you see it on Cardplayer? Hope to see you all there.

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