Monday, June 25, 2007

No Hand History Needed When Chat Tells the Story

Victim: You hit your K?

Victim: You called a raise on the flop with AK????

Victim: F***ckin donkey

Victim: Son of w* hore

Victim: idiot

Victim: you don’t talk?

Me: Actually, you probably had me beat

Me: You re-raised me pre-flop

Me: You seem to be a pretty solid player so I put you on a big pp or AK

Me: the flop came rags, I bet and you raised

Me: but it had two spades so I called thinking I could push you off later

Me: turn was a K-I checked to see if you made a feeler bet

Me: you obliged by betting 1/3 of the pot-scared of K or suckering me

Me: Now I put you on JJ or QQ

Me: I raised enough to make you think, representing K

Me: if you pushed, I would have folded

Me: you folded and I won

Me: TT

Me: I don’t usually talk.. send me $

Victim: NP

Me: I read Fuel

Victim: ?


Fuel55 said...

"Me: I read Fuel"

Classic dude - just fawking classic.

Sean said...

That's freakin' awesome.

bayne_s said...

You may have had me on my re-raise.

But last night I would have sucked out.