Monday, May 14, 2007


What is Running bad? If the standard is amount of money won or lost over a defined period of time, I am running bad right now with right now being the last month. If running bad means losing a chunk of your bankroll you feel is significant, then I am running bad. If running bad means you can’t seem to book a winning session no matter the length or the stakes, I am running bad. If running bad means you bubble twice in one week in the same big MTT, both times getting all your money in way ahead and being called by hands that both hit runner-runner straights, I am running bad.

But what if you measure running bad a different way? Go back over the last two years and do the math. The graph flattens and doesn’t appear to be so dramatic. Go all the way back to the beginning of play and realize these type of months happened all the time back then. You remember, when the term “reload” was you mantra. Now, you can move some funds around from other sites and stashes. No need to hit the regular account. Try to remember all those months that a dry run in MTTs was wiped out by that one big win. Remember the way you played in that one? It was the same as all the ones before and the fates finally fell your way. If history is your guide, it is just a matter of time before it happens again.

Looking back, are you really running that bad?

Running bad? It damn sure feels like it.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

The pain of bubbling is well known to me in the last week. I had a mantra of play consistant and the wins will come. Well, I'm playing consistant. Good enough to get into the points but nothing better than 10th or 12th. How or what kickstarts you out of a lull?

Jack Dashed said...

Good post.

As I like to say (to nobody in particular); poker isn''t a game, it's a campaign. You can't measure your ability or your results over a game or a week of games or a month of games. I think the shortest period over which you can judge your play is 3 months - providing you've played regularly and consistently over that time.