Friday, March 02, 2007

Not My Home Game

In CC's bash last night I was able to continue my aggressive ways for a bit before running into a difficult hand. Having chipped up to about T2100, I picked up AKo in late position. I raised 4x (4x is the new 3x right?) the blind and got called by the BB. The flop was xKx all diamond, of which I had none. The BB checked and I bet 3/4 pot. He just called which made me think he was holding AK with one being a diamond or Ax with the A of diamonds or a middle pair up to JJ (bigger pair probably would have re-raised as would a suited AK). I'm not a monster under the bed person so I put very little thought into the flopped flush. The turn was a blank and I checked behind in the thought I could induce a bluff if the river blanked and save some money if the fourth diamond came. The river did not cooperate and was the dreaded diamond. I checked behind again as I still had about T1000 left behind and he turned over TT with the diamond for the win. AK has been my bane lately. In retrospect, I should have made a big bet on the turn to put the hard decision on my opponent. There was plenty in the pot already but I got a little greedy. I proceeded to blind myself into a crappy finish.

Tonight is a weird home game. It has a big mix of ages with fathers, grandfathers, and sons playing alog with a mishmash of uncles and neighbors. I've played in this group for tournaments before and have had a good bit of success as it contains a large contingent of weak players. They do funky things though such as checking down to each other a lot and talking about their hands while the action is still going on. I plan on keeping my mouth shut and walking out ahead. Why rock the boat? The only thing that'll do is let water in to drown you.

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