Monday, March 19, 2007

Just go Limp

Finally, a cash in a blogger game. It’s been a while since a 2nd Chance Mookie win for me a few months back. Thanks to Don for hosting a monster lineup of players in the Big Game (screw you NFL). I was able to chip up early even though I was holding a crying baby for the first thirty minutes and held onto second place as we consolidated to one table. I blinked and Waffles disappeared along with his big stack (you should see what happens when I twitch my nose) and the Surly Poker Gnome had everyone at the table covered by a wide margin with my stack being double of third place. I proceeded to play completely passively and folded into the money where I was rewarded for my weak play by receiving cards that were so awful they can only be described as fractional numbers ( I actually had a pair of 1/3s twice but didn’t think they could be good). I was down to about 2/3 Smokkee’s stack when I made a raise with Q9. He pushed and I called hoping my Q was live against Ax or a smaller pair. Of course he had QJ and I was out in third. The Gnome still had a stack of chips so heavy the virtual table was listing and was able to pull out a win. Congratulations to the winners.

There should be another heavy hitter lineup at the Hoy tonight. He is keeping a running tally of the money this year and I am nowhere on it. My buddy Bartonfa played for the first time two weeks ago and won the whole thing so I know its not a Southern thing. My goal is to NOT place a single time this year. Reverse psychology is better than a reverse Hoy, right?

I still feel as though I am behind in these Blogger games as I spent so much time AWAY from them in 2006 due to the lovely third child in less than four years syndrome. Late in 2006, I realized there was a whole new group of writers putting out some incredible stuff just as another group was bemoaning the death of the genre. These "new" guys are speaking a secret language sometimes. When someone mentions a thought about how Fuel always plays that hand in a particular way or "there goes smokkee again," I really don't have any idea what they are talking about. Hopefully, I will be able to spend a lot more time on the blogger tables this year and figure out the code. I need to learn another language. I also need to get over any self-consciousness and play the damn game.

As for basketball, I was the leader of the Up for Sports bracket for one shining moment yesterday. Texas proceeded to dash my dreams. I was picking them as they have the best player in the country and was hoping for a Pervis Ellison or Carmelo Anthony type performance from Durant. In the imaginary wager department though, I went 20-13 over the weekend so I’ve got that going for me.

Bayne was the Big Pirate Bounty Winner last week and should be getting this cheesy bit of apparel this week. Be sure to wear it to Church Sunday. It's part of the deal. Tonight's Pirate hunter will get something or other. The yard work continues and I found some Adventure People my brother and I lost in 1980. It should be bacteria free as soon as I let in sit in bleach for a week.


bayne_s said...

Received the fine pirate shirt Friday. My wife is wondering why I need another Black shirt.

I like it though.

Next time I'm in church will be for someone getting married or buried. If it's me I'll wear it.

BigPirate said...

Coming from a band/roadie background, I can attest you can never have too many black t-shirts.

Miami Don said...

Nice run last nite bro and congrats on the cash.

Thanks for making it out.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Great job in the Hoy last night as well, Wes. No reason to kick yourself over not cashing, that was a recockubeat if I ever saw one that left you on the bubble. One thing I have to say about you is that you never seem to tilt at the tables when you take a bad beat. I'm constantly amazed at how "gl" you are every time you get bad beat out of one of these things (I've dished a few of them out myself as I recall). Are you just effing burning up inside or do you really not care so much about it? The self-control is pretty admirable man.

Also, good observation about 2006 and the "death" of the poker blog. I got a big kick out of all that last year fo sho, mostly because I found it to be just a few of the "old school" poker blogger types whose blogs were dying out because those guys were burning out. As I've written about several times on my blog, I have an endless desire to keep writing about poker every day, and a seemingly endless supply of topics to write about since I spend some time every day either reading and/or thinking about the game. It's just funny to hear someone else describe how they need to get back up to speed with the whole blogger tournament thing, which I've just taken for granted after playing in most of these tournaments most of these weeks.

Nice post. You've been running pretty well in the blogger tournaments I've seen you in, especially for a guy who claims to be pretty out of touch about much of the competition these days.

smokkee said...

in that Q9 vs QJ hand, i actually thought you might have A-x or a middle pair and i'd be behind when i pushed. i was in the BB and the blinds were getting high. so, i thought i'd gamble and try to take you out. i was suprised to see i was way ahead. lucky me. both of us were doomed against gnome's monster stack regardless.

GL at the tables

BigPirate said...

Well, it appears we were thinking the same thing. I would say "great minds think alike" and all that, but I know me so I don't think that would necessarily be a compliment to you ;). You made a good run at Gnome though.