Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Live Poker Sucks As Well

80% to win after the flop doesn't mean a thing if you are 5% after the turn. I definitely have lost some of my aggression mojo in tournament play as it has been correspondingly ramped up in ring games. This is an interesting mental block to work on

Anyway, in real life, we took our annual winter camping trip the week after the Super Bowl.. This time was a return trip to Davidson River outside of Brevard, North Carolina. The weather was fantastic with clear skies, low wind at our elevation, and lows in the mid 20s. Senior Swab made his second trek and performed spectacularly, hiking two-thirds of the way up Looking Glass Mountain. He was carried during the middle third of the trip, but he did about two miles and about 1000 feet in elevation.

This is how we pack for a trip.

Every time I drive past Binions in Hendersonville, NC, I hope to see that they have started a card room. They used to have a sign that depicted a poker hand. As it is no longer there, I will assume they got tired of people coming in and asking to play cards so they took it down.

They call it Cold Mountain for a reason. It's brisk up on the Parkway.

A venison loin roasting fire.

A scotch drinking fire.

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