Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The end?

I am so disgusted I am making incredibly stupid plays with AK.

I have a tradition of "protest voting" every election. I vote for candidates I know have no chance as I would like to alert the status quo there is a growing class of disgruntled citizens who are involved enough to vote and smart enough to see through the crap perpetrated by our current governers. I would hope that all of you will vote this cycle and let your feelings be known. The system works if the operators are held accountable.

I have a few hypothetical questions:

1. Should someone who has money in an online poker site cash out? I know a guy who received a check from Poker Share last year when they pulle dout of the US. I would assume Party, PS, FT, TP, Titan, UB, and Bodog would do the same if they stopped doing business in the US.

2. Is money in Neteller safe where it is? The Act would not seem to prohibit any transfers between Neteller and an individual.

I have some real questions:

3. Does this mean I get to attend blogger poker parties around the country as hundreds of degenerates fulfill their need to get together and lay down the hammer?

4. Should there be a series of emergency WPBT meetings regionally? Northeast bloggers in AC or Foxwoods, Southeast in Tunica, West coasters in Vegas? Could be the beginnings of an effective lobbying group.

Hope all is well with everyone. Let your representatives know you are an adult and because they dont have the good judgment to treat you as one, you don't feel they are qualified to act in your stead in our Republic.


Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

I know I'm little late, but just wanted to stop by and say Congratulations! on the 40k win. I have seen you run deep a lot lately and didn't realize you were a blogging Old Schooler. That online handle is inscrutable - whats the significance?

See ya out there.

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