Monday, January 02, 2006

Tourney of Blood

The mistake was moving in while I was ahead. All tournament long, CJ had been laying beats down like 1984 Run DMC. I had been able to avoid confrontations with him for most of the day but we were down to the final three and Falstaff had too many chips for me to sit and wait for him to bust. I called CJ’s 150 raise (blinds were 20-40) with A9d and moved in for my last 960 when the flop came Kd Qd Jx. I was hoping he was holding an underpair or a worse A than mine. When he called and flipped over K8, I thought, “Great. He’s ahead. Now, he can’t suck out.” In my effort to give myself hope, I forgot to count the three As as outs, giving me 15. I was actually favored after the flop. Of course I lost.

Bad Blood can host a tourney. There is plenty of food, the tables are nice, and the structure is absolutely luxurious to us tightboxes. Forty minute levels allowed me to fold any hand I had trepidation about, knowing I would have an opportunity to wait for better spots. Two very aggressive players almost doubled me up early and I cruised to the final table with a mid-range stack. From there, I just sat back and watched CJ knock everyone out. Falstaff took a huge pot off of him to take the lead and I would have needed Kirk-like strategy to do better than I did.

I have made it one of my resolutions this year to make it to more live games. I spend way too much time in front of this screen. Of course, we have no card rooms in ours or the surrounding states so it will have to be home games. There are a number I have heard of in the Columbia area and I hope to start hitting those up this week. I also want to hit up some of the regional bloggers for home games. I think I’ve played with all the South Carolina crew but there are a number in North Carolina in areas I visit on occasion. If I can find an Augusta blogger, Georgia will be on my list too. Of course, I am always happy to set up a game if anyone happens to be coming through the Midlands of S.C. Come on down. We’ll eat bar-b-que, we’ll throw cards, it’ll be great.


Gamecock said...

I'd like to play any decent games you'd find or setup, always fun to sling cards with you.

Falstaff said...

Good playing with you. I'm more than happy to cruise to Columbia for a game anytime.