Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rival Saturday

While waiting for the South Carolina-Clemson game to start . . .

It's been a while, and a while before that. How's everybody doing? Thanks to everyone who gives me the big "“aaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh"” when they stumble across me at the tables. It'’s a big grin moment for me every time. It ha’s also been a kick getting involved in the Yahoo! chat the last few tournaments. I feel as though I am a lurker still but will get more involved as my reticence wears a bit.

Multi Table Tournaments have been my focus for over a year now. I play the ring games and SNGs to finance my MTT habit. When I started this poker thing, my primary goal was to get to the point where I could play in large buy-in events. I was fortunate enough to win one of the WPBT WSOP qualifiers and used the award to enter Event 2 in the 2005 WSOP where my QQ ran into a rapidly improving AK soon after the first break. I hope to increase my presence at the 2006 WSOP to the tune of participating in more than one event and qualifying for the big one. To get there, I have to step up my game. To that end, I have been playing in at least three MTTs a night for the last few weeks and am slightly above even for the period. No big scores yet but I have had enough places to finance the effort. Of course, the run has consisted primarily of NLHE but I have mixed in a few other games and had some surprising success,most notably a nice score in a Poker Stars 7 Stud H/L and consistent places in the 9:30 p.m. True Poker LO8 H/L. The TP tourney is usually only 18-35 players but it is a fun, short tourney with a nice payout if you can make the top two spots. True has been a site I have played a good bit since I started. I started there as some of the home game crew swore by it due to it’s interface. Honestly, I find all the talking and movement a bit distracting but it is nice playing at a smaller site where you can learn the players. They do deserve credit for setting up a site that looks and feels different than every other one I have ever played

One thing that has been killing me $10 at a time are the WWdN get-togethers. I have monkeyed away my chips in all three of those I have played in. It was a relief last night when I signed in a 6:45 est to play and discovered the tournament had begun at 4:00 est and had just ended. That'’s ten bucks saved. As for Saturday'’s with Dr. Pauley, I have a near the bottom finish and a near the top one. As long as we get to throw out our worst performance, I still have a shot at the lead. As it stands though, I have to hope everyone else can'’t play the one after Thanksgiving and I can win by default. I guess I shouldn't depend on a bunch of poker junkies NOT playing in a tournament, huh?

There is a glaring weakness in my game right now I am hoping to get some help on. If anyone wants to volunteer as a coach, let me know. It centers around aggression and my inappropriate use thereof. I wait too long to move when I am getting short-stacked and I may push a little too much when I am the big stack. Harrington'’s second book deals directly with this issue and will get a re-reading. I just have to learn to apply.

I am also very interested in an article I read the other day at dealing with physical tells. They interviewed an ex-FBI agent who is giving a class at the Hellmuth fantasy camp. All of this online playing has improved my base game, but I fear I may be giving away too much in the live game. I did something incredibly obvious at the home game a few weeks ago that completely gave away my hand. I realized it as soon as I saw my opponent's eyes light up. It cost me a bet as he was able to fold knowing he was beat. I felt like an idiot but my job now is to do the same thing when I don't have a hand so I can get another lay-down. Gotta get that bet back.

Alright, I am going to update throughout the day hopefully. The pig is cooking, the scotch is aging, and the minor football games are starting. If you see me around, say "Haaaaaaay" (use the diphthong). I am abandonedcamper on yahoo.

3:45 p.m.

Maudie and Joanne took all my chips. Boobie Lover stole my blinds until I found a decent hand and called. Flop came 762, BL checked and I bet. BL raised, I folded and BL flipped over the hammer for two pair. My middle pair no good. Good read, bad result. Bubble finish in 11th when my KQ ran into AA. I am pretty happy with my aggression level as I won a lot of pots without showdown. In fact, when I was top 3 in chips, I had won only 1/4 pots with a showdown. Thanks again Dr. Pauley.

Georgia took care of business and South Carolina will not go the the SEC championship game. Dumb call by Ref in the Michigan/Ohio State game. Fifteen yards for diving into the end zone. Bad call in a big game. Bad call in any game.


Wes said...

I should have just called on the flop and let you (probably) go all-in on the turn, or just continuation bet with two pair and let you go over the top. But alas, I am a stupid monkey.

Boobie Lover

Gamecock said...

The game broke my heart as usual, the future looks bright but I'd trade almost all of it to beat those damn sheep-lovers.

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