Monday, August 22, 2005

Damn Yankees

Burn the cities.

Win the World Series.

Drink ALL the Southern Comfort

And worst of all . . .

It was great seeing the bloggers again I first met in Las Vegas and even greater to see some new ones who made the trip in.

Bradoween is fun.

"Hey, Caligula. You wanna go the Bradoween VI next year?"
"I don't think so Titus. Those people do some pretty weird shit."

More to come later but, for now, it was a fantastic time with memories that'll last until the alcohol wears off. Congratulations to Dr. Pauly who may actually be a real celebrity. Otis continued to show how hard he actually rocks. G-Rob still has the best hair in the business and can tilt anyone, anytime. CJ proved he is unable to let someone else handle things as he stepped in and took over the tournament when the organized was called away on urgent business. Lefty is older and much wiser than CJ. At least that's what he told me. Bad Blood struck very few people actually and the terms of the probation he gets after a very short stint in lock-up should not be that bad. Iggy is "on" all the time baby. Be prepared to justify when he catches you in conversation. Daddy is the king. Poker Princess can flat-out deal when she is unjustly knocked out of a tournament, I found myself saying "yes, ma'am" to her every command. Gamecock is a sponge. Quit talking poker with him as it will come back to haunt you. Gracie is super-tight and unfortunately ran into the only player tighter. Al IS an experience not to miss. Eva is a saint (until she bartends; then everyone is going to hell in a whisky boat). Maudie is the best sport in any town. Austin April is a close second. Derek has the coolest muck. Double A's can really play but, more importantly, has the coolest chip flip into the pot I've ever seen. Poker Stage is tall and is always involved in an interesting conversation, even stuff completely unrelated to poker. Boy Genius did not pass out. He always takes a nap in the late afternoon. It's called a siesta people, and it's a great idea. And I had a great time with everyone.

At least we dress better down here than everybody else.

As for the drunk Olympics, I am bringing a ringer next year to derail the Lefty eating machine. I guess I will have to take his shot if he loses He is always in training and alcohol is not allowed.


Easycure said...

My jealousy knows no bounds. Sorry I couldn't make it.

Lefty said...

Bring on the challengers.. I can only perfect my technique, not hamper it.

Great meetin' ya Wes, you earned a kick-a** new nickname and it was great sittin at the final table with you.

BigMike said...

I would like to formally challenge Lefty to a speed drinking contest. Vomiting is instant disqualification. Car Bombs at 5 paces 10 paces and 15 paces.

Ignatious said...

awesome job in the tourney, wes.

twas great to be able to chat with you a bit - looking forward to doing more so in the future.

Maigrey said...

Dude, if I knew you were going to obey my every command with a 'yes ma'am," I might have thought of something else to request! :)

Seriously, it was great seeing you again (even if you didn't remember me ;) ) and dealin' to you.

... of course, I don't remember your new nickname.

Daddy said...

Great to meet you, Wes.


Congrats on an impressive finish in a very tough field.

BigPirate said...

I DID remember you dear Princess. It was only your name I forgot. I won't let it happen again.

Derek McG said...

ARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!! it was great seeing you again wes. great job in the tourney!

Maudie said...

Great job in the tourney, Wes - arr!

Gamecock said...

Pleasure as always, Wes.

April said...

Was great seeing you again Wes, even if you were busy most of the time crushing the tourney. ;)

doubleas said...

Nice meeting you Wes. You kicked ass at the final table