Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My SNG Low Powerered Botle Rocket Pop

So the Degenerate Underachiever finished up his February SNG Explosion with an impressive profit. I am a big believer in the SNGs as they give lots of experience without a huge risk to a bankroll. I followed his lead and concentrated on the $20 NL games on PP and had pretty good results for February. Of course, where he played 600, I played 134. I finished in the money 44% of the time and had an ROI of 20.67. The most frustrating thing was only finishing first once in the last 30 I played (and only 3 times in the last 40). I became a 3rd finishing machine near the end of the cycle. Much of that can be attributed to my looking at the bottom line near the end and concentrating on finishing anywhere in the money once the table got short. I did not push some hands I normally would have in an effort not to go broke before the final three. I am going to shoot for 200 in March at the $20 level and see if I can build up a roll large enough to attack the $30s.

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