Sunday, February 06, 2005

Who Are You?

Dr, Pauley has posted a how-to of sorts for new bloggers at the excellent Tao of Poker. Now, you know he’s good, and who am I not to listen. So, for what it’s worth. Here goes.

Introduce Yourself

Who are you? Tell me about yourself. What is the story behind your online name? What do you do when you are not playing poker? How long have you been playing? Where do you live? What do you play? These are basic things that give your readers a chance to know you are. A lot of times people read specific blogs because they have other common interests.

My name is Wes and I am absolutely hooked on poker. I play 25-35 hours per week on line and usually two home games, Tuesday and Sunday. When not playing poker, I wrestle with two little boys and a medium sized wife. I am the champion of the house, but only because the boys are under two and haven’t learned to tag-team yet. Time is running out for me as I was 6’ 3”, 250 pounds when I was fourteen and fully expect the boys to top that. I practice law five days a week and am pissed if I have to do it six or seven. I started thinking seriously about poker when ESPN started showing the 2003 WSOP. Until then, I had been a avid blackjack player, playing video BJ when it was “legal” in South Carolina and in the few casinos I’ve been to in New Orleans, Biloxi, and Vegas.

I have lived my life in the South and fully love it, faults and all. I used to think I lived in the Deep South, but then I spent a night in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I now realize that in spite of the local BBQ baron, our blast from the past banner on the State House grounds, and negative press on our various national rankings, I live in a moderately tolerant area that is changing for the positive every day. We have issues, and some of those issues deserve the derision of others, but we also have positives only those who are willing to look can perceive. All that being said, I would be happy to live in almost any big city in the World, the northwest, or the dessert. I am here now though; maybe forever, maybe under the curse of George Bailey, but, for now, here willingly.

Define Your Objectives

What is the significance of the name of your blog? What do you hope to achieve by starting a blog? What are your poker goals? Do you plan on posting about stuff other than poker? If so, please tell everyone up front. When you visit Al Cant Hang's blog, you know right away what you are getting yourself into... "Random thoughts about poker and booze. Mostly booze."

I played a little college football at East Carolina before retiring at the ripe old age of 20. Hence the Pirate. I am a large fellow, a lover of fine foods and wine, as well as buffets and beer. Hence the Big. The life of a poker playing, fun seeking, road-tripping hopefully not-quite middle-aged man puts me in mind of the pirates of old. I am a sucker for a good classic swashbuckler movie and would love to emulate the carefree, never say die aspect of that artificial lifestyle as portrayed in those films. I’ll leave the flea infestations, scurvy, dismemberments, and lashes to you sticklers for historical accuracy. The Pirate Ship Minivan, Hampton Inn, and Waffle House will suffice for me.

I have started the blog to write, plain and simple. As a high schooler and college student, I thought I would be a journalist. I won a high school writing contest with a paper about Dale Murphy, Bruce Dickinson, and Bugs Bunny. In law school, a thirty-page paper I wrote the night before it was due, garnered a very small scholarship. Except for those two attempts, I have done very little writing not explicitly required of my schooling or job. The hope is the blog will jar the ideas from my head onto the page. Then, I’ll find out if they are worth a crap. The blog will not be only about poker. I am one of those readers who gets as big a kick out of non-poker content as I do when the writer stays on-topic. I will probably try to circle around until I can tie a post back to poker in some way, though.

As for my poker goals, I would love to turn poker into a serious hobby, playing online and in casinos with a long-term goal of entering large buy-in events. I have no hopes or even aspirations of becoming a poker pro. That being said, I fully encourage competent adults to spend their time and money however they wish. I like to gamble and I do not begrudge anyone smart enough to part me from my money. I just do not think I have the killer instinct necessary to consistently take money from those unperceptive enough or unwilling to realize their limitations. Conscience is a terrible trait in a lawyer, isn’t it?

Post Regularly

Tell us how frequently you intend on posting. Your readers will know if they should be coming back once a week or every other day. You do not have to post everyday but you should post regularly..

Twice as week? If someone wants more (Ha!), tell me

Less Is More

Leave the uber-posting to Iggy. The majority of your hits will average about 90 seconds at the most. People will be reading your blog either at work or while they are playing online. Their attention span is short. So keep your post quick and to the point. Don't say in a paragraph what you can say in one sentence

No promise here. I love the long posts of others. If mine become tedious, tell me.

Sometimes Being Interesting.... Means Being Yourself

I think it's self explanatory


Spell Check Is Your Friend

I'm a horrible speller. I also type super fast so a lot of the times, it's more of a typing error than spelling error. Anyway, blogger has spell check imbedded in the software. Use it. If you have a huge post, ask your wife/girlfriend/spouse/roommate to read it over. It helps get them involved in your hobby. It also shows them that blogging is not as simple as they think and that you are very serious about improving your poker play.

I spll just fin. Think you vary mucsh.


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