Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bloggers Drink

Guinness, car bombs, Captain and Coke, Southern. One of the common denominators of my favorite blogs is their love of alcohol and the stories thereof. Tonight, I drink and play. Not a lot of drink as I do wish to keep my wits and a few of my bucks, but drink I will.

I am playing the bad beat tables on Party due to the jackpot which is over 700k. The tables run seem to run cycles throughout the day with the tighter players during work hours and the looser ones at night. Right now, I do not have the ability to adjust quickly enough to a changed table. I will drop half a buy in before I realize the percentage of players seeing the flop has dropped by thirty percent. A more glaring weakness is my tendency to call hands to the river knowing I’m beat. I have seen too many players bet with weak holdings to give up easily. Of course, sometimes it pays to call. This hand just finished:

***** Hand History for Game 1437341549 *****

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to a104l9 [ Kd Ac ]

seenuts4afee calls [$2].

a104l9 raises [$4].

lucky1952 calls [$2].

rodinphoton calls [$4].

THEREDWAVE calls [$3].

KaeShano calls [$2].

seenuts4afee calls [$2].

** Dealing Flop ** [ Td, Jd, As ]

THEREDWAVE bets [$2].

KaeShano folds.

seenuts4afee calls [$2].

a104l9 calls [$2].

lucky1952 folds.

rodinphoton folds.

** Dealing Turn ** [ 4h ]

THEREDWAVE bets [$4].

seenuts4afee folds.

a104l9 calls [$4].

** Dealing River ** [ Qd ]

THEREDWAVE bets [$4].

a104l9 calls [$4].

THEREDWAVE shows [ Js, Ah ] two pairs, aces and jacks.

a104l9 shows [ Kd, Ac ] a straight, ten to ace.

a104l9 wins $45.5 from the main pot with a straight, ten to ace.

Picked up the straight on the river. Pure luck.


I picked up the championship of our Tuesday night game. We kept results for 12 weeks, put in an extra $2 a week with winner take all. I clinched the week before the last night so I brought a bottle of 15 year Glenfiddich and a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the table. I drank the least of anyone and place lower than I had in any week since we started keeping track. Go figure.

We started the second series with a change. Instead of winner take all, the money will be added to the last week’s buy in with a tournament to decide the winners. Top three will win a bit of the pot. The caveat is that a player must place at least third in one of the regular games to qualify for the series ender. We have a steady group of seven but we do mix in the occasional player if one of us has to be out. Last series, we had no provision for the subs to qualify for the piggy. Now, we already have one of them qualified with a third place finish the first week. Every point accumulated during the regular season gets you an extra chip for the final. I have picked up nine extra chips the first two weeks with a first and a third. The first week I felt like John Candy’s character in Stripes. “Ooohhh, that’s a pretty good hand. One more queen and you would’ve had me.” It felt as if I was playing with kids. Of course, the second week, one player had me flat read all night long. He pushed me off good hands, reraised my bluffs, and overcame a brutal beat to knock me out.

Shooting for the $50 buyin Large Cap NLHE tourney on PP at 11:00pm. There are usually 700-1000 playing. I have a 14th and a 20th the last four times I’ve played. That helps the bankroll. I think I do better in the tourneys due to the finality of losing your chips. The ring games are too easy to rebuy. It’s play money in my mind. I feel sick when I bust out of a tourney like I used to when we lost a football game.

CRAP! ALWAYS RAISE AA PREFLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***** Hand History for Game 1437670692 *****

$2/$4 Hold'em - Friday, January 14, 21:27:33 EDT 2005

Table Bad Beat Jackpot #988624 (Real Money)

Total number of players : 10

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to a104l9 [ Ac Ah ]

KaeShano raises [$4].

unlisted calls [$4].

a104l9 calls [$4].

jbob42 calls [$4].

** Dealing Flop ** [ Jd, Kh, 5c ]

KaeShano checks.

unlisted bets [$2].

a104l9 calls [$2].

bigslick58: good 6

jbob42 calls [$2].

KaeShano calls [$2].

** Dealing Turn ** [ 3s ]

KaeShano checks.

unlisted checks.

a104l9 bets [$4].

jbob42 raises [$8].

KaeShano folds.

unlisted folds.

a104l9 calls [$4].

** Dealing River ** [ 2h ]

a104l9 checks.

jbob42 bets [$4].

a104l9 calls [$4].

jbob42 shows [ 5h, Jh ] two pairs, jacks and fives.

a104l9 doesn't show [ Ac, Ah ] a pair of aces.

jbob42 wins $48 from the main pot with two pairs, jacks and fives.

Jackpot just got hit. 250k to the loser. 129k to the winner. 16k to everyone at the table. Reset to 145k or so. Oh well, back to the $10 sit n goes.

I have been playing a lot of 7 stud hi-lo lately at the sng’s. It’s a change of pace. The games take almost twice as long due to the split pots but it helps teach patience as you wait for scoop hands.

Brother Phil

Good lord. Hellmuth is on Home Shopping Network selling stuff with his picture on it.

They are selling a framed, autographed photo of Hellmuth for $119.95. It’s been up for about five minutes and Hellmuth just asked the host, “Do we have any of these left, or are they gone already? They are a limited edition.” The host paused for instant before recovering to say, “No, Phil, we have a few left.”

A bit of a break there. On the fifth Guinness now. Had a little scare when I found the last one in the eight pack. The wife is a Guinness fan too, and there is no telling what she does all day. You can drink and watch infants, right? Fortunately, there was another pack in the back of the fridge. Didn’t want to bust out the hard stuff this early in the tournament.

They say you can tell how much Irish you have in you by how many rings you leave on the inside of the glass in a pint of Guinness while you’re drinking. The fewer the rings, the more the Irish. Obviously, I’ve got some Irish in the family I didn’t know about.

Alright. Big break there. In the money in the tourney. Top 80 pay out of 790. Average stack is 10K and I am at 8k. A lot of the short stacks should fall out now as they are in the $$$$. Blinds are at 500/1000.


***** Hand History for Game 1439281987 *****

NL Hold'em Trny:8682252 Level:16 Blinds (2000/4000) - Saturday, January 15, 03:08:51 EDT 2005

Table Large Caps(209839) Table #1 (Real Money)

Seat 6 is the button

Total number of players : 9

Seat 1: lexmark80 ( $86352 )

Seat 2: a104l9 ( $14412 )

Seat 3: mrb0981 ( $33940 )

Seat 4: epotsy ( $72709 )

Seat 5: MojoWorkin69 ( $104687 )

Seat 6: a_v_polo ( $22484 )

Seat 9: srp8000 ( $43065 )

Seat 10: Tunnny ( $50164 )

Seat 7: keithsplace ( $42606 )

Trny:8682252 Level:16

Blinds (2000/4000)

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to a104l9 [ As Ah ]

Tunnny folds.

lexmark80 folds.

a104l9 raises [8000].

mrb0981 folds.

epotsy folds.

MojoWorkin69 folds.

a_v_polo folds.

keithsplace folds.

srp8000 calls [4000].

** Dealing Flop ** [ 7s, 7d, Kc ]

srp8000 bets [6500].

a104l9 is all-In [6412]

** Dealing Turn ** [ 7h ]

** Dealing River ** [ Ad ]

srp8000 shows [ 7c, 4s ] four of a kind, sevens.

a104l9 shows [ As, Ah ] a full house, Aces full of sevens.

Player a104l9 finished in 17 place and received $335.75

srp8000 wins 88 chips from side pot #1 with four of a kind, sevens.

srp8000 wins 30824 chips from the main pot with four of a kind, sevens.

a104l9 has left the table.

Made a minimum raise to induce someone else to push me all-in pre-flop. The way the table was going, it seemed likely. I didn’t expect someone to turn quads on me. Not a bad night though.

Big home game tomorrow. 25 people at $50 a pop. Should be fun.

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